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Shop for the most vibrant and creative colors at our local showroom. We invite you to discover new ways to enhance your home and exercise your aesthetic preferences. We’re always glad to be your first and last source for paint and paint finishes. Stop by our store to meet our specialists and explore our selection of products. We’re always ready to provide professional recommendations, as well as guide you toward choosing the best products for your project.

Peruse Our First-Rate Paint Brands

Discover the difference a product from a trusted manufacturer can make in your painting experience. Our paint specialists are proud to carry interior paint products created by brand names we’ve come to know and trust, including Benjamin Moore and California. With many stunning options available, you are sure to be pleased with the quality and selections of their paints, finishes, and stains.

High-Quality Interior Paint Products

The color of your walls plays a large role in the appeal and style of your home. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’ve chosen interior paint that creates an attractive, stylish, and welcoming atmosphere. Our showroom carries hundreds of different kinds of paint in a variety of finishes, making it easy for you to find the perfect color. Choose flat or eggshell finish paints for the look you seek.

Flat Finish Paint: For homeowners that find even eggshell finishes to be a little too glossy, flat finish paint is a great solution. Unlike eggshell finishes, which contain anywhere from 26 to 40 percent gloss, flat finishes only contain 1 to 9 percent gloss. This makes them less shiny than other types of paint, as they only reflect a small amount of light. These paints are a restful choice for rooms in which you and your family like to relax.

Eggshell Finish Paint: Treat yourself to a paint product that will fill your home’s rooms with light. Eggshell finish paint is known for its unique ability to reflect light. Its finish can be described as glossy, yet satin-like, and it works well in kitchens and bathrooms. If you find shiny paints overpowering, talk to our showroom team about our eggshell products – you’re sure to find a suitable alternative.

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Take Your Paint Job Even Further

Once you’ve chosen the perfect interior paint color for your project, be sure to check out our selection of paint finishes and stains. These products are useful tools for anyone looking to add a something extra to their newly painted walls. Finishes are great for adding luster to an otherwise matte wall, while stains can bring out the rich, natural undertones in any color.


Contact our team or visit our location to browse our selection of paint for yourself. We proudly serve shoppers in Bedford, Manchester, Hooksett, Concord, and Hollis, New Hampshire, plus the surrounding areas.


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